The Research Papers and its Structure


When you are writing a research paper, you have to make sure that you should primarily inspect the situation and the perspective of the title you have selected. The things you need to analyze for your research work and put them down in writing form is called research paper. Basically, the research paper is based on an error in past research done by a person. The thing you do here is to reclaim those errors and to propose a better solution for that. Your solution should be well enough that it makes your rejection far more effective and enough to make the analyzer to follow your suggestions.

This form of writing is the best and effective form which is been discovered up till yet. The basic reason for these words is the structure of research paper. The structure of every research paper is:

  • Problem Detection
  • Main problematic Root
  • Thinking for the Solution
  • Solution Proves
  • Claim the solution
  • Decision

Problem Detection
This is the phase where you intentionally or in the way to academic research, you detect a problem regarding that particular assignment and you go for the solution for that particular work. You are ordered here to find the best existing problem which you can sort out and give the solution.

Main problematic Root
The problems you had found in between your research work should be discussed in details. It is your duty to tell the reader the entire problem you have faced while you were working on the research on that topic.

Thinking for the Solution
This is the most important phase of the writing skills in research paper. Here, you have to put all your skills on one place and then come up with the most attractive solution you have to propose. Your claim should be in such a way that you could be able to deliver clearly and effectively.

Solution Proves
This is the phase where you have to write and develop the arguments and provide them with the basic concepts or facts. Once you feel that you have all the paper work, now you have to start writing for a draft.

Claim the Problem
This is the step when your solution is gone for the approval and you provide with the formal way along with entitling all the basic needs of the research paper. You should present your solution in such a way that your solution reaches the level of acceptance.

This is the step where you tell the reader about what you have written in the paper. You can also give the brief description about the theme you followed in the paper and in the end,you have to give the summary of the claim that you have made in the paper.


Case Studies and their Structure


“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough” (Albert Einstein). Starting with the good words of Mr. Einstein, the thing which you could understand from this famous saying is that behind every probe reading or writing process, there is a well set explanation and understanding regarding any topic. Understandings and explanations along with investigative studies are called case studies. The basic need of case studies is to solve complicated problems in an easy and understandable manner. Case studies provide you the supremacy to grip a task well enough that you can work on it properly.

  • Request
  • Problem Analysis
  • Chunk by Chunk Study
  • Ideas
  • Possible Solutions
  • Conclusions

This is the basic step to start a case study. The case study starts with a request in which you are requested by the organizational officers or by the client who wants his work to be done by any professional writing service. Generally, these requests are based on the requirement and core study of the required piece of problem.

Problem Analysis
This is the next step for any case study. Once you are assigned with a work, you are bound to provide a solution for the problem. Now, the step which comes forward is to analyze the whole situation like when the problem occurs, the main causes for that problem and the possible criteria in which they fall.

Chunk by Chunk Study
After you study the main aspects of problems, the next step is to divide your case in chunks. This step is usually followed in extremely critical and problematic works. The project manager divides the long problems in small parts and assigns them to different workers to work on it separately. Once they complete their work, now these works are combined together which ultimately provides the whole solution for the problems.

Idea generation is the main feature when you are solving any problem. In computer programming language, these ideas are often called logic. These creative problem solving ideas or formula helps a person at its high extent. Sometimes, you know the solution but you don’t know how to implement on it and at that time, a certain idea helps you to come out of that problem in case studies.

Possible Solutions
This is the time to select the best solution after the completion of case study. Your solution should be smart enough to be proved as time efficient, cost efficient and in relation to the assigned work.

This is the segment where you come up with the final results of the assignments. The thing you need here is to provide the customer or user with the best case study writing service.