Is Your Research Paper Introduction Effective?

In every academic paper, introduction is the most important part that starts your paper with holding the idea of the flow of your paper. It looks so simple to write the introduction although it is the major part that must be impressive to reader and encourage him to read whole paper.

Many students take the introduction lightly and do clarify their lecturers or professors about their research but lose their marks, as they do not have so much time to spend on their research paper. Here, I am going to state some major elements that a research paper introduction must have:

  • Introduction must be brief and not more than one page
  • Specify the importance of your research
  • It must include short relevant background study and main problem
  • Introduction must start broadly and come to the end with narrow circle
  • Firstly, specify the known information and then discuss the unknown elements and ask relevant questions in it
  • Focus on your over all topics issues and relate the aim of study with other researches
  • Define terms that are not known for your reader
  • Define abbreviations in this section that will be used in your paper
  • Make outline of main research question and research problems

This research paper writing help is provided to you for making the most effective and interesting introduction through which the reader could have lots of good expectations for the whole content of your research paper.